Advice & Encouragement

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Before you click on that link,  please allow me to tell you right here, up front, that effective encouragement can almost never be found in a web site!  There are some things that are best handled in person and on an individualized basis.   Encouragement is one of these things.

Advice, in a similar way, is best given to an individual by an individual who is informed about the advice being given and the needs of the person receiving that wisdom.

For these reasons, this website does not pretend to offer advice and encouragement to individuals. But you will notice that once you click on that link, above,  there are some guidelines for you to read, should you find them of interest. These are generalized suggestions for all students.  From “how to write a term paper” to “how to conduct systematic research” to some general advice about your major. You can select one of those tabs and receive some general information and ideas. I hope they help.

That said, REAL advice and HELPFUL encouragement only come from the interaction of people. Students at Penn State Altoona are quite fortunate in lots of ways. But the most important bit of luck our students have is their choice of school.

Here at Penn State Altoona, we are in the “the business” of undergraduate education. That is what we do here. Some schools take pride in their exclusivity. They see themselves as filters. These schools set up challenges and then judge the abilities of students to negotiate those challenges.   This is not what we do at Penn State Altoona. You will find the education process challenging enough! There is much material and life skills to master along the way to your degree. We your teachers and the staff of the college are all here to help and to encourage, and yes to evaluate your achievements. We are “about” education, not filtering.

So our students are very fortunate to have the valuable opportunity to discuss their plans and strategies with an engaged and caring group of faculty and staff. We are here for you.


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