Where was Joe this time?

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Near this spot, a man  lived who thought tattoos would assist as a form of pain relief for his overworked feet and back. Nearby he sheltered, wandered,  and died…about 5,300 years ago. Lucky for us all he quickly fell into a glacier which has lasted until recently. As the glacier melted, this man’s well preserved body reappeared to some hikers.   We can see how this man dressed, what kind of shoes he wore,  what weapons he carried, how he wore his hair, took care of his teeth, and even what he had for recent meals. We can analyze his DNA, trace his family back, and perhaps more importantly, trace his family forwards. This was an amazing find for science, European History, and the broader humanities

This man might have been among the humans who wintered under this rock and left their traces in ash and fat marks on the ceiling!     And here is his neighborhood.

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For years I taught History and Philosophy at a community college in Central Pennsylvania. Now I am learning all sorts of things, from growing veggies and fruit, to fixing small engines and maintaining home systems. I am learning to live deliberately. Still love to hear from my past students, though. So drop me a line and tell me what you are up to.
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