Where was Joe? (Hint: This is a monument to Christian intolerance.)

Back in 1618 a group of Protestant townspeople decided to respond to commands by their Catholic regents by tossing them out of this window.  What happened next is a matter of perspective.  Either they were assisted to the ground by a group of angels or they fell seventy feet into a pile of composting horse manure.  But for whatever the reason most were spared the intended consequences of the fall.    Ever since, the distinction between horse manure and divine intervention has been a problem for European history.PICT0305STP60910


About jmp479

For years I taught History and Philosophy at a community college in Central Pennsylvania. Now I am learning all sorts of things, from growing veggies and fruit, to fixing small engines and maintaining home systems. I am learning to live deliberately. Still love to hear from my past students, though. So drop me a line and tell me what you are up to.
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